30-Day Alternative Program

Long-term recovery is real. It’s what Discovery Place does best. We’ve helped thousands of men start the journey to long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction through our 30 day rehab alternative. We’re here for the tired, fed up, hopeless, scared and angry. We’re here for everyone ready to give up. This isn’t 30 day rehab. This is a way out that works.

What is our Residential 30 Day Rehab Alternative?

We know what we offer works. Our most recent survey of guests found that 83.3% of reporting alumni who have participated in all three phases of the Discovery Place program have maintained at least one year of continuous sobriety.

Discovery Place is rooted in 12 Step recovery. Beginning with our 30-Day Residential Program, you’ll get an in-depth intro to the 12 Steps and how to apply the spiritual principles behind them in daily life. Additionally, we work with the region’s top mental health professionals to offer each of you the unique, supplemental support you need.

Settled into 17 rolling acres in Burns, Tennessee, you have the space to focus on identifying the root causes and conditions behind the chronic, progressive, and often fatal disease of addiction.

7 Ways We’re Different From 30-Day Rehab Centers

Choosing where to go for help with addiction is overwhelming and confusing. Just when you need a clear sense of direction the most, you’re faced with endless treatment center and rehab options. We’re here to help you cut through the noise and find the best solution for you.

Discovery Place is different in some really important ways:

1. We’re not a conventional treatment center.
Discovery Place is a recovery retreat. We personally teach and practice the 12-step principles while also offering elite, professional mental healthcare through our partners.

2. We are a resource for anyone who needs help with addiction.
Whether Discovery Place ends up being the next step in your recovery journey or not, we’re committed to being a resource for anyone who needs help with addiction. We’ll connect you to our network of vetted programs and facilities so your recovery can start as soon as possible.

3. We value community over quantity.
Each phase of our program is limited to no more than 24 guests at a time. Smaller groups mean more time and attention for you and your family.

4. We are Discovery Place alumni.
Nearly every employee at Discovery Place is also a former guest. Not only do we know firsthand the pain of addiction, but we also know how life-changing Discovery Place is.

5. You are our guest.
You’re not a patient or a number on a file. When you’re here, you’re a guest in our home.

6. We are a non-profit.
Addiction and recovery are big business. But we’re not here to profit off your pain. As a non-profit, we’re here to guide anyone struggling with addiction to the solution that’s worked for thousands of our guests.

7. We provide FREE Aftercare.
No, you didn’t misread that. We really do offer free aftercare to any of our guests who complete our 30-Day Residential Program. We’ll tell you more about it below.

It’s easy to get turned around, frustrated or overloaded by all the 30-day rehab options there are. But you don’t have to get lost in all those choices. Contact us. We’ll talk you through it, one step at a time.

How Our 30-Day Residential Program Works

The window for getting help can be very short. Delay can even mean the difference between life and death. So, it’s important to move quickly and carefully. It’s why we offer an easy three-step plan to get you or your loved one started in recovery ASAP.

1. Contact Us
Talk to one of our admissions staff to get started. You can call us at 1.800.725.0922 or email us here.

2. Complete Your Assessment
Find out what we do and decide if we’re the right fit for you or your loved one.

3. Receive Your Check-In Plan
Get a plan you can use and start taking action today.

Your First 30 Days

Discovery Place offers three phases of recovery programs, beginning with our 30-Day Residential Program. In Phase I, you’ll be introduced to the 12 Steps and the spiritual principles behind each one. Even if you’re familiar with 12 Step recovery, or have worked the Steps, this won’t be like any 12 Step work you’ve done before. Get ready for a new experience.

Phase 1 30-Day Residential Program includes:

  • One-on-one guidance from a personal recovery guide, including a real-world action plan for maintaining sobriety
  • Daily 12 Step studies to explore the Steps and the principles behind them
  • On- and offsite 12 Step meetings to see recovery in action
  • Friday night chip celebrations and speaker meetings with alumni, family and friends
  • Relapse prevention through the identification and application of coping skills for life outside Discovery Place

After your first 30 days, you can move to Phase II, our Long-Term Recovery Program. And after Phase II, dive into Phase III, our Step Down Program.

Get Free Aftercare

Community is everything at Discovery Place. There’s a fellowship among us that even we can’t fully put into words. But once you’ve experienced it, you know. You’re in.

And a big part of what makes the Discovery Place community so strong is our free aftercare. Yes, free—as in zero dollars and cents. Here are the different ways you get access:

  • Receive your unique Continuing Care Plan.
    Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. Thirty days is a great start but only just the beginning. Whether you continue to Phases II and III or not, you’ll get a detailed checkout plan. Think of it as your personal roadmap for how to build on what you learned in your first 30 days, including recovery resources in your own community.
  • Expect us to check in after you check out.
    You’re part of a community at Discovery Place. That means even after you complete the 30-Day Residential Program, we’re going to stay connected. We want to see you make it to those big milestones—60 and 90 days, six months, nine months, ONE YEAR—so we can celebrate you and provide help whenever you hit a bump in the road.
  • Volunteer as much as you want.
    Alumni are invited to come back as often as they want to volunteer on campus. Whether that’s every single day or once a year, volunteering means an opportunity to stay connected to our community. And it means getting free, ongoing treatment by participating in groups, Step studies and other on-campus activities.
  • Return for a free one-week stay in our Renewal Program.
    No recovery journey is without its hard knocks. It’s part of what makes recovery so incredible—our ability to get through even the hardest times without a drink or drug. But sometimes life can really get you up against a wall. If that happens, we’ve got you.We offer all our alumni a free week of treatment through our Renewal Program if they’re feeling like they might drink or use. No fine print. No strings attached. Just tons of recovery, a fellowship that loves you, a safe place to sleep, three square meals, way too many cookies and a whole bunch of dogs to love on.

Ready For Better? Start with Our 30-Day Rehab Program

Let’s Get Started.

We know how hard it is to ask for help. That phone has never felt heavier. Every single one of us has been there. But our 30-day rehab program at Discovery Place is where a better life begins. Long-term recovery can be yours.

Choosing where to go for help with drug and alcohol addiction is a big decision. Check out what our alumni and their families say about Discovery Place. Their stories may sound familiar to you.

If you’re looking for a way out that works, please get in touch. We’re here 24/7 and ready to guide you to the best solution for you or your loved one.


  • Discovery Place was the answer for my son. He did the 90 day and then the step down program and sober living. We give this organization 10 stars. They met my son where he was …emotionally, mentally, physically. They helped him put his life back on track. Discovery Place employees care about their guests. If your son, brother, nephew, grandson or husband needs excellent supportive care THIS is indeed the facility.

    Kim Morton
    Alumni Parent
  • I have remained sober and it is because of DP. DP is the best place there is, hands down. I keep everyone there in my prayers, and I encourage everyone there to take what they are practicing and do it in their lives, after.

    Roy Mantelli
  • Over the past year, I’ve been putting into actin what Discovery Place taught me, and I have experienced a complete perspective change of the world, and the people in it. I get to be a man of service and love today, and for that I am grateful to Discovery Place.

    Matt Kassay
  • Discovery Place means the world to me. They showed me the tools that I’ve tried to use everyday in my life to think less often of myself, and more frequently of others. I am learning to lend a hand when I am able and to have a honest and humble relationship with God and the people around me. Not only am I clean and sober, but also I am happy and fulfilled.

    Tommy Parker
  • Discovery Place and the men who work there made recovery attractive, and more importantly, fun. There is strength in the struggle. I am forever grateful for my time at Discovery Place.

    Creed McClellan
  • When I got to Discovery Place my whole life was in shambles, but I didn’t know it. I spent 6 months in their programs, participating in all three phases, and was met with kindness and love all along the way. It is unbelievable to me, where I am now relative to where I was when I arrived at DP.

    Lance Duke
  • I can never say enough good things about Discovery Place and the people who work there. Before checking in to DP, I was out of options and out of answers. Fortunately, Discovery Place has a solution. Taking suggestions from the staff at DP saved my life, and as a result, I’m now more content and hopeful about life. I’m grateful for Discovery Place showing me how to live a healthy life so that I can become a better man and help the next guy.”

    Tyler Buckingham

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