Talk to any drug addict and you can almost bet they’ll tell you they’ve done some pretty ridiculous, and usually very unsafe, things to get high. Or talk to any group of teenagers and there’s bound to be a few who have tried to look cool or wild to their friends by taking a drug- or alcohol-related risk. Whether it’s an addict needing a fix or an adolescent trying to one-up a buddy, finding a faster, more efficient way to get drugs into your system is dangerous. And one trend in particular—boofing—could even kill you.

What is Boofing?

Boofing is slang for inserting drugs or alcohol into the anus. People boof to get a faster and more intense high. Because there are a high number of blood vessels located near a thinner surface layer of mucosal tissue in the anus, drug and alcohol absorption happens at a faster rate than ingesting something orally. Just about anything can be boofed: alcohol, MDMA, cocaine, heroin, crushed up pills, you name it.

Other Names for Boofing

Boofing is slang and not a technical or scientific term. And like so many other drug-related activities, boofing also goes by some other names:

·  Butt chugging

·  Thumbing

·  Booty popping

·  Plugging drugs

·  Alcohol enema

How Boofing Works

The reason someone boofs is to get high or drunk faster and to experience a more intense high. Think about it: If you’re an addict, you want the fastest, most efficient way to get drugs into your system. This would ordinarily be intravenously. But if that’s not an option (dangerous, intimidating, leaves behind noticeable track marks), then the runner up is boofing.

This particular entry point allows drugs or alcohol to bypass the digestive system. The body skips the process of ingesting and breaking down the substance (like when you eat food or drink a beverage) and instead enters the blood stream much faster.

Someone boofing may use a syringe (without the needle), rubber tubing, a funnel, or even a tampon soaked in alcohol to absorb a drug or alcohol into their body. 

The Effects of Boofing

Because the rate of absorption is faster with boofing, the effects are stronger. That makes boofing especially dangerous. It’s easy to take too much. Someone’s typical oral dose becomes more intense when taken anally. So, the possibility of overdose increases. And besides the potentially fatal outcome of an overdose, the effects of boofing can lead to other medical conditions.   

Damage to the Rectum and Intestines

The tissue and membranes in and around the rectum are thin and delicate, making them susceptible to damage. Boofing can cause tears to the area which can leave a person vulnerable to infection, blocked blood flow to the intestines, cellular death, bloody stool, an inability to control their bowels, an increased sensation of needing to go to the bathroom, and more.

In severe cases, boofing can also lead to needing a colostomy. A colostomy is a surgical procedure that reroutes part of the colon to an artificial opening in the abdomen wall so that it can bypass a damaged part of the colon.

Increased risk of an STD/STI

Because the rectum and anus are such sensitive areas, boofing can lead to an increased risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or sexually transmitted infection (STI). If the protective membranes and tissues are damaged, the body has less of a defense against contagious diseases contracted through sexual activity.

Greater risk of overdose and alcohol poisoning

The most dangerous outcome from boofing is overdosing. Someone used to taking a certain amount of a drug orally may not realize that the same amount absorbed through the anus could have a much more intense effect. As with any overdose, death becomes a very real possibility.

And when it comes to boofing alcohol, there are some additional concerns around alcohol poisoning. First, unlike the digestive system, the anus doesn’t have enzymes to break down alcohol. This means the effects of alcohol are felt all at once instead of gradually as it’s broken down in the intestines. Plus, the body has no defense against alcohol poisoning when absorbed in this way. Where someone may begin to vomit if they’ve had too much to drink, with boofing, the digestive system has been bypassed so that that natural bodily response doesn’t happen.  

Better than boofing

Here’s the thing: If you or someone you know is boofing, they’re not in a good place. They need help. For an addict or alcoholic, it means they’re looking for a faster route to their high. For a young person experimenting with drugs and alcohol, boofing is dangerous territory. The effects of boofing are real, and they can be deadly.

Addiction Treatment in Nashville

There is an alternative to boofing though. It looks like not using drugs or alcohol at all. But we know how hard that choice can be. Nearly every employee at Discovery Place is also an alum, so we’ve been where you’ve been. And we can tell you with certainty, things are better on this side of things.If you’re thinking about quitting drugs and alcohol, or are ready now, we can help. Our 30-Day Residential Program kickstarts a way of life that means total freedom from addiction. And no amount of boofing can compete with that. Give us a call at 1-800-725-0922 or drop us a line here.

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