Why Keeping In-Touch With Support After Recovery Is Important

The stages of substance abuse start slowly as the disease takes hold and then rapidly speed up to end in a very sad, isolated existence. There are five stages that one goes through before they have a full-on addiction:

  1. Experimentation which is the voluntary use of substances and usually engaging in substance use doesn’t occur often. 
  2. Regular use either with friends or alone. Use doesn’t have to be daily to be considered regular. When substances are used consistently such as at specific times like the weekends or as an activity for certain feelings like boredness or stress, regular use is occurring.
  3. Problem use occurs when using a substance doesn’t just cause one to be simply inebriated. The inebriation leads to far-reaching problems in the user’s life such as legal issues, physical problems, emotional trauma, and relationship deteriorations.
  4. Dependance is a continuance on using no matter what the negative health impacts are and the impact on one’s life is significant. Chronic use that negatively affects the ability to hold responsibilities such as work or family, an increased need for more of the substance to feel an effect, and even withdrawal symptoms when use is reduced.
  5. Addiction means the user’s desire for their substance is compulsive and there are significant psychological and physical changes in the individual.

The Importance of Each Step In Recovery

Studies have shown that many details add to the success of an addict’s ability to beat their addiction. The length of the time they are in treatment, their ability to complete their program, and their active involvement in aftercare are all major components to success.

Aftercare is critically important because at this stage you are on your own if you choose not to engage in continued support efforts. When that happens there are no safety nets, no structured environments to count on, and no help and direction. The weight of staying sober is directly on your shoulders.

This immense weight can be tremendous stress on newly sober individuals. Often, the period after rehab is the most sensitive for recovering addicts because they are on their own for the first time and their sobriety is new and delicate. The best way to tackle life after recovery is to not go it alone.

Where Can You Find A Treatment Alternative Center For Substance Abuse In Tennessee?

Why Keeping In-Touch With Support After Recovery Is ImportantThe Tennessee-based addiction alternative treatment center at Discovery Place has uses resources that help us provide a continued care program. Our programs offer those in post-recovery continued support, direction, and encouragement during the very critical first year of sobriety. Additionally, before you leave treatment our compassionate and caring staff will work with you to design a customized plan to help you stay substance-free after you re-enter society. There are a variety of options you can engage in to help you stay strong and sober including:

Call Discovery Place today to get started on your road to recovery at 1-800-725-0922.


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