The Signs of Drug Use on The Face

Drug abuse doesn’t just degrade one’s cognitive capacity and mental state, it also wreaks havoc the largest organ on your body–the skin. Long-time drug addicts have nutrients sucked out of the body, they have limited ability to care for their health, and they often neglect basic hygiene. The first thing people see is the skin and when it is lacking in health, the results are unmistakably visible. As a result, friends and family may see the signs of drug use on the face. 


As you continue to abuse drugs and increase your usage, your skin will exhibit the signs and symptoms of the toxins you are taking in. If you are doing any type of drug injection, the skin areas where you are injecting will darken and become increasingly visible. Hyperpigmentation is when there is an increase in melanin, the skin, hair, and eye’s natural darkened pigment. Additionally, a changing complexion, such as gray or dull skin, is one of the signs of drug use on the face. 

Oral Disease

Drug abuse is synonymous with tooth decay and the loss of teeth. The skin that surrounds the mouth on the lips and gums are also affected. They swell and as the skin’s nutrients are drained they will be excessively dry and crack. 

Skin Irritation

As the skin loses all its nourishment and robustness signs of irritation develop like redness, itching, scaly skin, and swelling. Rashes, severe dryness, cracking, blisters, and open wounds can all occur in regular drug abusers and are potentially signs of drug use on the face. making 


Those who have never dealt with blemishes will start to see them and those that have had struggles with blemishes will see those symptoms intensify. Drug use causes individuals to touch their face much more and put things near the skin on their face which can also promote bacterial growth, leading to acne.


Depending on the type of drugs being taken or how heavily drug use is, skin picking, scratching, and cutting can be signs of drug use on the face. These behaviors open the skin with wounds. The wounds can get infected, which makes them have a more difficult time closing and when they finally do close, they are filled with scar tissues that make for permanent marks. Many times open wounds are not treated as they should be and the lack of health keeps these wounds infected with soft tissue damages.

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Signs of Drug Use on The Face
A woman in recovery does not have signs of drug use on the face

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