Secrecy In Addiction

It is rare to find an addict who’s proud of their addiction. While some people may be highly functioning addicts, most wouldn’t admit to having an addiction. Quite often many people hid their addiction in plain sight or through more traditional means as a means to avoid public shame. Here are some ways that addiction is hidden by addicts, as well as the reasoning behind this secrecy.

Shame In Addiction

Despite substance abuse being constantly advertised throughout the media, admitting to having an addiction problem is still frowned upon. Nobody once to admit that their overconsumption of drugs and alcohol stems from a lack of positive outlets for all of their physical and psychological issues. The stigma attached to admitting you have a substance abuse problem may dissuade you from seeking the proper treatment you need for your addiction.

You may worry about how your family will view you after revealing your addiction. The fear of rejection may also plague your thoughts as you contemplate expressing your issues with substance abuse with your family. The fear of the unknown is generally the catalyst for secrecy while experiencing any type of substance abuse.

Hiding Your Addiction

In order to hide your addiction from your loved ones, you may attempt to isolate more from them. You’ll take extra long showers or walks in an attempt to feed your addiction. Generally speaking, you’ll do whatever it takes to avoid the people your hiding your addiction from. The risk of shame will motivate you to hide your addiction at all cost. Lying or doing things that otherwise would be unthinkable, will slowly become the norm while hiding your addiction.

How To Tell If Your Loved One Is Hiding An Addiction

Loved ones that have become extremely isolated out of nowhere may be attempting to hide an addiction. Rapid mood swings plus out of character behavior are other signs that your loved one may be hiding an addiction. You know your loved one better than anyone else and continuing actions that don’t add up with their personality are also red flags that they may be hiding something. The addiction rates of the United States are increasing every year and this epidemic often hits home.

How To Properly Confront Your Loved One

In the event that you’re correct about your loved one hiding their addiction, be as supportive as you can. While you shouldn’t support their addiction, of course, let them know that you’re emotionally here for them. Do not shun completely shun them from your life and offer as much support as you possibly can. Remember that whatever altered state that they’re in does not truly represent your loved one.

The Path To Recovery

If you or a loved one are seeking the path to recovery, contact a Tennesse alcohol addiction program. At Discovery Place we offer multiple programs that will set you down the path to redemption. Not only do we offer alternative treatment programs that will assist you with your addiction, but we also offer long-term recovery programs. If you or a loved one are in need of a Tennesse alcohol addiction program, contact Discovery Place at 1-800-725-0922.

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