Obstacles In The Road To Recovery

The first step towards recovery is for addicts to acknowledge a problem exists that they can’t control and what they want to obtain help. Some addicts have been in and out of treatment and are familiar with the process. Many, though are facing their first time in this position and may have many questions.

Deciding to take the next step towards recovery conjures up questions, concerns, confusion, and brings up many potential issues one can see as insurmountable obstacles. The important thing is not to get ahead of yourself and talk yourself out of getting help when you are finally in the mental space to actively obtain it. 

When you enter a treatment center, it is important to the success of your recovery that you are honest with the clinician during your assessment. Telling them exactly what substances you have abused in any capacity will help your team develop the best options and treatment plan. They will also be able to develop a plan that makes your detox as safe as possible and as comfortable as possible. Attempting to self-detox is dangerous and painful.

When you are ready to get help, you may see barriers in-front of you that look impossible to overcome. To better understand why those who want help stop themselves from obtaining it and identifying answers for them, will help these individuals feel better about moving forward with recovery.

What Are The Main Obstacles Addicts Believe Prevents Them From Seeking Treatment?

  • Money and budgetary concerns are something the majority of people all around the world think about. If you are a struggling addict it is also likely your lifestyle has not aligned well with proper budgeting and stable finances. The cost of treatment, when you are low on cash, seems like it is out of reach. The good news is that that are many options to help you with the financial part of recovery. Recovery centers often offer flexible payment plans such as sliding scale options or even no charges at all. There are limited openings for these lower-cost options which means you may have to be on a waiting list until there is an opening.


  • Shame and stigma are other reasons why one won’t admit to needing help. When you enter into treatment you risk loved ones finding out about your problem, and if you work, you may be afraid to lose your job. You need to understand you are dealing with a disease and when you decide to get help it is responsible, respectable, commendable, and mature.


  • An addict simply doesn’t want to stop. They know they have a problem, they want to get better, but they also don’t want to give up using their substance because it is a crutch for them. If you have a loved one that won’t stop using, the help of an interventionist, therapist, or medical professional may be just what is needed to get them to see the light. There are also free community-based resources such as Al-Anon, Narateen, and Nar-Anon groups that may be enough to motivate an addict to seek help.

Tennessee Addiction Alternative Treatment Center

Obstacles In The Road To RecoveryDiscovery Place is a Tennessee-based addiction alternative treatment center whose team will give you the guidance you need to feel more confident in your ability to obtain the treatment you need to get better. At Discovery Place’s Tennessee medical detox alternative treatment center you will not be left alone and we will help you every step of the way. Call Discovery Place’s Tennessee addiction alternative center today at 1-800-725-0922.

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