Is Addiction a Disease?

Unlike many other diseases we face today, addiction is a chronic disease that’s often misconstrued as being a personal choice. The devastating effects that drugs and alcohol have on your brain make beating your addiction without the proper guidance and help extremely difficult. Here are a few reasons why addiction is considered to be a chronic disease that requires serious treatment and guidance to overcome.

Your Willpower Isn’t Enough To Overcome Addiction

Society will often make the mistake of thinking that stopping your substance abuse is simple as “saying no” overnight. While having strong willpower does play an important part in your recovery, the odds are stacked against you whenever you’re attempting to cleanse yourself of your substance abuse. Pride is also another roadblock in front of substance abusers that disallows them the proper help they deserve. You may think that you can manage your substance abuse alone but your odds of success greatly improve once you seek out the proper guidance and support from trained professionals and loved ones.

Addiction Severely Impacts Your Brain

Not only are you battling with the side effects of your substance abuse but your addiction is slowly rewiring your brain. Addiction has the potential to change the way your brain communicates, your brain’s natural chemical and balance, and your brain’s structure and functions. In time, your brain will slowly start to prioritize your substance abuse over anything else, and quitting by way of willpower alone will seem impossible. Your sense of self-control will be destroyed, which may result in dire consequences for you and your loved ones.

What Causes Addiction?

The cause varies amongst substance abusers, of course, but certain telltale signs exist amongst substance abusers. A combination of one’s genetics, environment, and many other factors play a key role in someone’s addiction. Someone whose family has a history of substance abuse is themselves more prone to substance abuse. If left unchecked, a dangerous cycle of abuse can continue throughout their family. For this reason,seeking assistance with your addiction is imperative.

Addiction Is A Serious Matter

Treating addiction as a serious matter increases your chance of successfully fighting the disease. Similar to how you would immediately seek out medical attention if you broke your arm, addiction should be placed as a high priority. The longer you let the disease fester, the harder it is for you to overcome it. If you suspect a friend or loved one to be under the influence of addiction, you should attempt to help them the best way you can.

The Path To Recovery

If you or a loved one are seeking the path to recovery, contact a Tennesse alcohol addiction program. At Discovery Place, we offer multiple programs that will set you down the path to redemption. Not only do we offer alternative treatment programs that will assist you with your addictions, but we also offer long-term recovery programs. If you or a loved one are in need of a Tennesse alcohol addiction program, contact Discovery Place at 1-800-725-0922.

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