How to Maintain Sobriety after Treatment

Congratulations on overcoming your substance abuse! Despite whatever trials and tribulations that were in your way, you’ve managed to surmount those obstacles and set your self on the path of recovery. However, the battle is far from over on your road to redemption. In order to maintain your sobriety throughout your new journey, you’re gonna want to have these key factors in your life:

Have A Solid Support Group

Whether it’s your friends, significant other, or family, surround yourself with people who encourage your sobriety. These should be people that are proud of your growth and only want what’s best for you. By having a variety of people who support your sobriety, you’ll realize that your not alone whenever you’re battling your urges. These people should be nonjudgmental of your past while also encouraging about your future, meaning that you should surround yourself with a support group that will always tell you the truth.

Take Pride In Your Sobriety

Become proud about your journey towards sobriety. Accept all your flaws and strengths while continuing to improve yourself each and every day. The sheer willpower to resist the temptations of drugs and alcohol doesn’t exist in everyone. Your ability to acknowledge that you had a problem and seek help for the betterment of yourself and loved ones is nothing short of inspirational. Statistics show that, in 2013, at least 24.6 million Americans participated in illicit drug use that year. You’ve managed to defy that stat and should be proud of that feat.

Engage In Healthy Hobbies

Now that you’ve gotten more free time after purging substance abuse from your daily routine, you’re free to engage in any number of hobbies. Maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own YouTube channel or learn a martial art? The options are literally limitless and, as long as they’re not destructive, there’s nothing wrong with pouring your time and energy into something new. By finding a new interest, you’ll realize how much fun your sobriety can bring you when you have a clear mind.

Recovering at Your Own Pace

Recover at your own speed and don’t become extremely anxious over your progress. If you’re truly anxious about maintaining your sobriety, halfway houses are a great option. Halfway homes are community-driven living spaces that are designed to help you transition into sober living. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and there’s no shame in taking your time on your road to recovery. A halfway house may be the perfect solution if you’re ready to test your sobriety in a controlled environment.

Never Give Up

Your fight to maintain your sobriety is a neverending one. There will always be constant temptations that will attempt to lead you off your path to recovery. Remain vigilant at all times and remember that you don’t just remain sober for the sake of yourself, but also for your loved ones.

The Path To Recovery

If you or a loved one are suffering from stress and alcohol dependence, seek the help of a Tennessee alcohol addiction program. With multiple longterm recovery programs, Discovery Place offers alternative treatment programs that will guide you on your path to recovery. For a professional Tennessee alcohol addiction program that cares, call Discovery Place at 1-800-725-0922.

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