How to Break the Vicious Cycle of Stress and Alcohol Dependence

Stress and alcoholism are a deadly combination. Suffering from either, let alone both, can have devastating effects on your mental and physical health. Without breaking this vicious cycle, the consequences can be destructive. Statistics show that roughly 88,000 deaths were the result of alcoholism between 2006 and 2010. Nevertheless, there are ways that you can break out of your cycle of stress and alcoholism.

The Causes of Stress And Alcohol Dependence

Generally speaking, alcoholism is usually a byproduct of stress. You may use alcohol as a means to cope with your various trials and tribulations. You may have gotten fired from your job or broken up with your significant other. Whenever you lack positive outlets for your stress, you’re more likely to turn to destructive vices like alcohol. Eventually, you’ll become dependant on your alcoholism and the many repercussions that follow. Becoming estranged from friends and family members, as well as possible health concerns, are a few possible aftereffects.

The Consequences of Stress and Alcohol Dependence

While you may be drinking alcohol as a means to alleviate stress, the opposite effect happens. From raising your blood pressure to potentially causing central nerve and organ damage, prolonged alcohol dependence is far from a stress reliever. Your moments of calm are always fleeting, as you’ll always return to your reality. Alcohol dependence is only a temporary fix to a persistent problem. Not only will your health suffer but your relationships will be put in jeopardy. Everything from your job performance to your general outlook on life will be severely impacted by your alcohol dependence.

Why College Students Are More Prone To Stress And Alcohol Dependence

With countless exams to study for and relationships to manage, college students are unsurprising extremely prone to stress and alcohol dependence. Freshmen, in particular, are highly at risk of developing alcohol dependence. Trying to adjust to a new environment can raise your stress levels immensely. Not only that, but freshmen students are more likely to succumb to the peer pressures of social drinking. This combination of stress and alcohol usually lead to poor results for freshmen in general.

How to Overcome Your Stress And Alcoholism

The most important aspect when dealing with your stress and alcoholism is to find positive outlets. Whether you enjoy exercise, video games, or any number of hobbies, it’s important to channel your negative energy into something positive. Having supportive friends who share your sober goals are also important aspects to overcoming stress and alcoholism. Your friends should be supportive of your sober desires and refrain from pressuring you to drink.

The Path To Recovery

If you or a loved one are suffering from stress and alcohol dependence, seek the help of a Tennessee alcohol addiction program. At Discovery Place, we offer programs that will guide you on your road to the recovery. We not only offer programs that will assist you with your stress and alcoholism but our programs are designed for long-term results. For a professional Tennessee alcohol addiction program that cares, call Discovery Place at 1-800-725-0922.

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