How to Ask for Help When You Relapse

We all make mistakes in life, and sometimes, we don’t make the best decisions. Whether you’re overwhelmed by work or life in general, you may relapse into your old vices. However, no one is irredeemable or too far gone to be helped. If you’ve relapsed and need getting back on your path towards redemption, here are some tips that will help you reach out for help.

There Is No Shame In Asking For Help With Your Addiction

After successfully defeating your addiction, you may feel extra pressure from your family and friends to stay on the righteous path. The time that you’ve spent going to your treatment programs and discussing your addiction with not only trained professionals but family members as well, may inspire you to feel obligated to maintain your sobriety. However, no matter how many programs you complete, your battle with the temptation will be everlasting.

This temptation is something that you will battle for the rest of your life. Some days will easier than others but you must always believe in yourself. Should you find yourself relapsing into your old ways, your loving family and friends will not immediately shun you from their lives. They will attempt to guide you back towards the path of redemption. Furthermore, relapsing does not mean that you’re incapable of fighting your addiction.

Be Honest With Your Family About Your Addiction

Let your friends and family know about any negative emotions that may be encouraging you to drink. Even if you haven’t necessarily abused any substances but are merely tempted by the idea, tell someone close to you about whatever problems you may have. Maybe you’ve kept the stresses of work bundled up inside and you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone about your temptations. By expressing yourself to your loved ones early, they’ll be able to reassure you that relapsing is NOT the way to solve your problems.

Even if you’ve already relapsed, being honest with your family about your relapse can get the help you need even sooner. Remember, your family and friends are the people that care about you the most and will not abandon you because of your issues with addiction. While you should consider re-enrolling in a treatment program, communicating with your family will help to alleviate those feelings of desperation and isolation. Do not forget that you’re essentiallyreprograming your brain in order to fight your addiction. This is a long process that will be filled with many ups and downs. You increase your chances of success when you surround yourself with your friends and family.

The Path To Recovery

If you or a loved one are seeking the path to recovery, contact a Tennesse alcohol addiction program. At Discovery Place, we offer multiple programs that will set you down the path to redemption. Not only do we offer alternative treatment programs that will assist you with your addictions, but we also offer long-term recovery programs. If you or a loved one are in need of a Tennesse alcohol addiction program, contact Discovery Place at 1-800-725-0922.

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