Addressing Coronavirus – Guest Protection Precautions

Throughout our history, Discovery Place has prioritized the health, safety, and future potential of our guests. With this mission in mind, because of growing concerns over COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we are cancelling Family Visitation, Alumni Night, Guest Travel to Outside Meetings, and Internal Programming Provided by Outisde Entities. Discovery place Property is now restricted to current guests and priority staff.

Our essence is in community and we are proud of our typically open campus and programming. The measures we are taking have not been lightly considered, and we believe we are as frustrated and challenged as you likely feel. However, it is clear that we must err on the side of Guest Safety rather than personal preference. Our staff is available by phone, as always, and all current families have already been contacted. 

We are concerned by the spread of Coronavirus, but while we respond accordingly our focus does not drift. Alcoholism and Addiction are fatal, insidious and catastrophic. In all circumstances and exterior challenges, our program and solution remain the same. A new life for a new man, today, is the work of our workers. 

We Love You All

PS – When it’s over, we’ll #PavillionParty on property


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