3 Ways Your Appearance Changes When You Quit Drinking

Alcoholism can not only damage your relationships and physical health but it can also alter your appearance over time. You may even seem older than you actually are due to the damaging effects of alcoholism. The sooner you start on your path to recovery, the quicker you’ll feel and look better afterward. Here are three ways that extended sobriety enhances your appearance over time.

You’ll Lose Weight After You Quit Drinking

Removing alcohol from your diet is guaranteed to shed a few pounds. Not only does alcohol cause you to eat more during meals but it contains no nutritional value whatsoever, meaning that you’ll have a harder time burning the fat that’s already in your body. All of these negative side effects can eventually lead to liver disease and other health complications. In 2015 alone, there were 78,529 liver disease deaths in the U.S. Removing alcohol from your diet will help you lose weight, allow you to feel better, and help you become more productive throughout your daily life.

You’ll Have Clearer Skin After You Quit Drinking

For most people, maintaining proper skin care can already be a difficult task. Alcoholism only amplifies this struggle because of how alcohol dehydrates your skin. Alcohol denies your skin the proper nutrients that it needs to remain clear. Beyond the surface issues of alcohol’s effect on your skin, severe dermatological damage can arise from alcoholism.

3 Ways Your Appearance Changes When You Quit Drinking

Visible veins, premature aging, broken capillaries, and blotchy skin are all irreversible side effects of alcohol abuse. Even worse, skin cancer is also another potential threat that you have to worry about with prolonged alcohol abuse. Besides the obvious health reason concerning why you should quit drinking, you’ll regain your natural skin on your path to recovery.

You’ll Experience Hair Growth After You Quit Drinking

Similar to how alcohol affects your skin, prolonged alcohol abuse affects your zinc and estrogen levels, as well as causing dehydration. All of these important factors profoundly affect your hair growth in multiple ways. Alcoholism can even cause your hair to fall out and generally seem unhealthy and malnourished. Your confidence can be severely affected by the loss of your hair, leading to feelings of inadequacy and depression.

Regrowing your hair and having a certain shine will boost your confidence immensely. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that will further encourage your sobriety. Having this newfound self-confidence will cause a snowball effect, in which your energy will attract more positivity in your life. By removing alcohol from your diet, you’ll not only have a sense of personal pride about your journey, but you’ll have physical results that will complement your positive actions.

The Path To Recovery

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