The sole focus and end goal of all our recovery programs is sustained sobriety. The small size (24 beds) of our 30-day residential recovery program ensures you or your loved one will receive the personal direction, compassion, fellowship and care necessary for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Discovery Place is conveniently located outside of the engaging, active recovery community of Nashville, Tennessee in Burns, Tennessee. Our main campus sits on 17 scenic acres of beautiful country farmland.  

Discovery Place staff and volunteers play a vital part in our guest’s introduction to recovery. Most of our staff were introduced to sustained sobriety through our residential recovery programs and chose to pass along the gift of recovery to men in desperate need of sobriety. Our staff’s unique experience of being both Discovery Place alumni and staff allows them to understand the process and state of mind our guests possess. Patient recovery guides navigate men new to recovery through the 12 steps. Volunteers who have demonstrated an incredible commitment to sustained recovery from substance abuse give freely of their time to show men precisely how to recovery from addiction. Special guest recovery speakers tell inspirational tales of tragedy and triumph. Many of our speakers have told their stories at conferences and city, state and national recovery conferences. These recovery community members live the principles of sobriety at the highest levels.

We believe having fun and engaging in a fulfilling life is vital to a lifetime of sobriety. That’s why Discovery Place encourages guests to take part in an assortment of organized annual events like whitewater rafting, golf tournaments, super bowl parties and service work with charitable foundations.

On our main campus, Discovery Place offers guests the opportunity to fellowship by playing ping-pong, billiards, frisbee golf, beach volleyball, horseshoes and fishing in one of our two well-stocked ponds.


30 Day Residential Program

This program allows men to experience an in-depth introduction to the principles of recovery in a healthy, welcoming atmosphere. Men will be guided through the 12 steps as directed in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Guests regularly attend outside and in-house recovery meetings, experience engaging recovery guest speakers and learn to rebuild skills necessary for transition into a life of sustained sobriety.

Long Term Recovery Program

Our long-term recovery program provides a man’s best chance for sustained sobriety. The latest medical research clearly indicates long-term residential programs significantly improve an alcoholic or addict’s chance for recovery. Long-term programs also dramatically improve the “quality of sobriety”, a term used to indicate the level of happiness and fulfillment experienced in recovery.

Our Continuing Care program employs a long-term schedule of follow-up calls from Discovery Place staff to check-up on our alumni. These calls keep our recovering men accountable to their staff-approved sobriety aftercare program. Calls occur for a one-year period after a guest commences from one of our recovery programs.

Family Matters

Discovery Place works with family members to give our guests the best chance for sustained sobriety.  The Family Matters Workshop is every Friday night at 6pm and is open to all family and friends of current guests.  Here, family and friends learn tools to help mend their relationships with people affected by alcoholism and drug addiction.