Discovery Place offers Alabama residents effective and affordable treatment options.  Our facilities are conveniently located close to the Tennessee-Alabama stateline and afford our guests a compassionate, scenic and open environment for recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism to begin.  We have introduced many Alabama residents to addiction recovery, and if you or a loved one are in need of help, our Admissions team will work tirelessly to make enrollment at Discovery Place a reality.

Why Discovery Place?

Discovery Place offers several benefits for residents of Alabama.  Our close proximity makes enrollment at our facility simple.  There are no complicated transportation arrangements or expensive flights to be booked.  Our main campus in Burns, Tennessee, is a few hours by car from any given city in Alabama.  But our convenient distance also allows you or your loved one healthy space from “old playmates, playgrounds and playthings.”  With over 16 years of experience in residential rehab services, Discovery Place has found it extremely beneficial for our guests to spend time away from their old “stomping grounds” and “using buddies.”  In our experience, men who returned to the same city and associated with the same people invariably relapsed.

In addition to our geographical benefits, we also offer our highly effective services at very competitive pricing.  The cost of residential rehab services can be a heavy burden for a family to bear.  In keeping with the spirit of recovery, Discovery Place is a non-profit organization with no commissioned staff members.  With a healthy donor base, we are able to offer our 30 day residential program for only $6,200.  For potential guests and family members with demonstrated need, we offer scholarships to help pay for the cost of tuition.  For families and potential guests who need payment plans, we offer M Lend Finance.  M Lend enables families and potential guests to pay for Discovery Place programs interest-free for a minimum of 12 months.

Finally, our programs produce results.  In partnership with Baptist Healing Trust, Discovery Place has tracked program outcomes for the past three years.  Our studies show  that one year after completing one of our residential programs, 61% of Discovery Place Alumni reported sobriety.  We accredit our program success to a unique formula: our guests receive the same introduction to a life of recovery as the “first 100” received.  By navigating our men down the original 12 step path, they learn to live happy, fulfilling lives once again.  These incredible outcomes make Discovery Place one of the premier providers of drug and alcohol rehab near Alabama.

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Long-Term Recovery Program

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Please call our confidential, toll-free Admission number for more information 1.800.725.0922