Discover why our alumni continue to return to the facility. Learn about our bleeding-edge recovery program. Find out why we’re the only five-star rated drug and alcohol recovery center in Tennessee. Wondering why we’ve been featured in national media outlets like the Huffington Post?

One, we’re a nonprofit organization. That means you get a better program for an incredibly affordable price. Why go to a facility for 30 days, when you can receive the most electric introduction to substance abuse recovery for 90 days at Discovery Place?

Why go to drug rehab in a city with few opportunities for building a fulfilling, purposeful and happy life? Nashville offers the city most suitable to cultivating a new life in sobriety. Thriving recovery community? Check. Phenomenal 30, 60 and 90-day programs? Check. Rapidly growing economy? Check.

Even if there’s trouble finding employment, men who demonstrate an exceptional desire to change earn employment at Discovery Place. Many employees began their journey to long-term sobriety in our 30-day residential program. Their transformational experience in our program, combined with high quality, long-term recovery, allows alumni-staff to connect with active program participants.

For individuals requiring a long-term recovery program, our extended care property blends the best of country living with a versatile, transitional long-term recovery program. Men learn accountability that comes with living sober through the guidance of staff, available 24 hours a day.

With a maximum capacity of 12 men in our long-term program and 24 in our 30-day program, Discovery Place brings the personal touch often lacking in big bed corporate addiction treatment networks. The serene scenes of Southern countryside offset the exuberant, big city Middle Tennessee recovery community.

Our private practice therapeutic providers bring evidence-based modalities to address trauma, grief, anxiety and depression often present in the past of substance abusers. With extensive experience in addiction recovery, each provider offers a unique personality and skillset. That also means you and your loved one enjoy choices. You’re not locked into an often randomly-assigned treatment center therapist.

Finally, the engaging introduction to 12 step recovery. Continuing care is essential to lasting sobriety. Every single research study suggests participation in self-help groups significantly improves outcomes. Speaking of outcomes, make sure to ask other treatment centers on your list of candidates about outcomes.