Understanding the Dangerous Trend of Boofing

Understanding the Dangerous Trend of Boofing

Individuals in the depths of addiction may do many things in order to satisfy their craving and get their next high. Those who are experimenting with drugs and alcohol, like young teenagers, may also be looking for inventive new ways to feel intoxicated. As individuals try to find the fastest and efficient way to get that high they desire, they may experiment with some very dangerous methods. Boofing is one of them.

Boofing Defined

Boofing is the term used for plugging drugs. The process involves inserting either alcohol or drugs into the anus to experience a faster high. The reason why the high becomes more intense and has a more immediate effect is due to the physiology of the anus. This area of the body has a very high number of blood vessels that are located near a thinner surface layer of mucosal membranes. The end result is the absorption rate becomes much faster than that of oral consumption, where the body has to take the time to break down drugs or alcohol before the effects can begin to be felt. There are almost limitless possibilities for boofing. Alcohol, cocaine, and MDMA can all be boofed.

The Dangers of Boofing

As with any type of method for ingesting drugs, boofing is just as critical and serious. Taking in drugs and excessive alcohol is serious and can have very dramatic side effects which can cause major harm to your body. In the case of boofing, significant damage to the rectum and intestines results due to tears in the thin and delicate tissues and membranes. In very serious cases, there can be blocked blood flow to the intestines, cellular death, and in some severe circumstances, the need for a colostomy.

 A colostomy occurs after a surgical procedure where there is an opening made in the abdominal wall for the end of the intestine to be brought through to form a stoma. The stoma allows for your stool to pass, but unlike the anus, a stoma has no ability to control the flow of stool. Due to the damages boofing causes to the mucous membrane of the anus, the natural protection is broken down. The result is an increased ability for the body to contract sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that it would otherwise be able to better fend off.

Additionally, because of the quick and intense high that results, there is a heightened risk of overdose with this method. Specifically, with alcohol, you may not be able to monitor its effects like you would when you take your time and ingest it orally; therefore, when it hits you it, may be too much for your system. The anus also does not have the enzymes needed to break down alcohol, so if you do overdo it, you won’t be able to throw it up and get it out of your system the way you would if it was in your stomach. This toxic result could be life-threatening.

Getting Help After an Overdose

If you or a friend is engaging in boofing drugs or alcohol, this is a very serious issue that you should address. Taking in toxins in this manner is an easy way to do severe damage to the body and even increase their risk of death substantially. Do not allow the worst to happen before you make a decision to help yourself or a loved one.

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